Proper mowing height will lead to a healthier lawn. Mowing your lawn at a 2 to 3 1/2" height will leave you with a stronger, healthier lawn with less weeds and the ability to fight drought better.

Weekly Lawn & Bed Maintenance - We provide lawn mowing services from April to October. This weekly service includes edging sidewalks and curbs, cultivating and weeding (as needed), recycling grass clippings, and finally blowing down all walks, patios, and driveways.

Spring Clean Ups - We remove winter debris, as well as edge and weed all existing beds.
Mid-Summer pruning keep your shrubs under control and looking well groomed.
Fall Leaf Clean Ups - Starting in October we begin our leaf removal rounds to remove leaves from your lawns and planting beds.

Have an irrigation system? Don’t worry we can maintain that for you also. Making sure it is running properly in the Spring before the hot days of summer arrives. We will also make sure the system is properly blown out before the first freeze hits.